Mountain View Meadows


It takes time to build a better community but it begins with believing in better. We believe you want more than just a house. You want a sense of place. You want to sit on your front porch and enjoy the flowers in your yard, the landscaped boulevards and the amazing mountain views. You want to live in a neighborhood where kids can safely walk down sidewalks to visit friends and family and play in neighborhood parks.

You enjoy an active lifestyle and want to walk your dog and run, hike or bike on paved trails that connect to business, shopping, schools and entertainment. You are community-minded and appreciate energy conservation and protecting land, wildlife and water resources.

And most of all, you value time to enjoy your home, your family and all that Montana offers.
That’s why we believe in building a better community – because you believe in better!

– Mark Runkle & Rebecca Ryland

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Believe in Better: CONDO COMEBACK

During the economic downturn condo building all but came to a halt. Those that could snapped up distressed properties while Baby Boomers nestled in place in their existing homes waiting out the market to see what would happen next. The economy turned the corner around 2012 and through 2016 made a healthy rebound. Home values steadily improved, and as the stock market climbed, Baby Boomers once again started thinking about selling their homes and downsizing. At the same time young adults looking to make the move from renting to home ownership began to seize the opportunity to invest in their first home while mortgage interest rates continued to hold steady. For both the young buyers and the Baby Boomers, condos re-emerged as a desirable alternative to a single-family home. Baby Boomers can now sell their homes at a good price and move into a comfortable condo free of exterior maintenance providing an opportunity to travel while still maintaining a home base that requires less care. And the condo lifestyle appeals equally to young adults busy building their careers. A condo provides a sense of accomplishment building equity while freeing up valuable time to get out on the weekends and enjoy all that Montana has to offer without worrying whether the grass needs mowed. The condo comeback proved especially evident during last week's special Open House Event at Mountain View Meadows featuring three homes ready or nearly ready for move-in and three well-under construction. Although realtor David Torgerson said he quit counting after 60 people had toured the single-family home he hosted during the event, the majority of buyers who stopped by the Mountain View Meadows Information & Sales office asked about the new Sierra Custom Homes tri-plex condo building and the brand new single-story duplex condo building plans recently unveiled. Would-be buyers requested to be notified as soon as they could get in to see a condo and some offered to put money down to reserve one of the new single-story units. With 1219 S.F. up to 1660 S.F. single-story plans and an 1812 S.F. 2-story plan, the new condo buildings just underway or about to start provide a variety of choices for Baby Boomers and young adults looking to make that all important next move that better fits their changing lifestyles.

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