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It takes time to build a better community but it begins with believing in better. We believe you want more than just a house. You want a sense of place. You want to sit on your front porch and enjoy the flowers in your yard, the landscaped boulevards and the amazing mountain views. You want to live in a neighborhood where kids can safely walk down sidewalks to visit friends and family and play in neighborhood parks.

You enjoy an active lifestyle and want to walk your dog and run, hike or bike on paved trails that connect to business, shopping, schools and entertainment. You are community-minded and appreciate energy conservation and protecting land, wildlife and water resources.

And most of all, you value time to enjoy your home, your family and all that Montana offers.
That’s why we believe in building a better community – because you believe in better!

– Mark Runkle & Rebecca Ryland

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Believe in Better: Neither Snow, Wind or Sleet

Like the motto attributed to our faithful postal workers who keep our mail, packages and holiday cards and letters delivered to our homes despite a pandemic, “Neither Snow, Wind or Sleet” is an apt motto for the builders and construction crews at Mountain View Meadows. On any given day, despite the onslaught of early winter storms and frequent Montana winds, they can be seen moving dirt, digging foundations, raising walls and pounding away on roofs. While the weather hampers some steps in the development and building process, it never comes to a stop. Through experience, these essential workers have adapted to the often-severe weather that can pop up nearly any time of year. In fact, Montana holds the record for the largest temperature change ever recorded in 24 hours when Loma saw an extreme 103 degree drop in less than a day in January of 1974! Nothing that crazy has happened this fall but four snowstorms in one month has proved challenging. Yet cold weather isn’t the only thing that continues to pop up. More homes come on the market each week thanks to the dedicated and talented builders and crews at Mountain View Meadows. So, despite snow, wind and sleet, now is a great time to stop by and check out what’s available as we close out this year and what’s to come in 2021. Building and development will continue throughout the winter in The Uplands, Aspen Park and Craftsman Village neighborhoods. When you have the best builders and construction crews in Helena, you can expect better no matter what the weather.


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