Mountain View Meadows


It takes time to build a better community but it begins with believing in better. We believe you want more than just a house. You want a sense of place. You want to sit on your front porch and enjoy the flowers in your yard, the landscaped boulevards and the amazing mountain views. You want to live in a neighborhood where kids can safely walk down sidewalks to visit friends and family and play in neighborhood parks.

You enjoy an active lifestyle and want to walk your dog and run, hike or bike on paved trails that connect to business, shopping, schools and entertainment. You are community-minded and appreciate energy conservation and protecting land, wildlife and water resources.

And most of all, you value time to enjoy your home, your family and all that Montana offers.
That’s why we believe in building a better community – because you believe in better!

– Mark Runkle & Rebecca Ryland

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Believe in Better: For the Record

From icy cold to inbound population growth to significant shifts in the housing market, 2022 is a year for the record books. Only two degrees off the lowest recorded temperature in Montana history, December 22nd’s minus 35 had us shivering in our boots, that is, if you headed outside into the arctic blast that blanketed the entire state. The clear blue skies and bright sunny day brought a strange mix of chill and cheer as some brave souls ventured out to shovel snow from their driveways and sidewalks. The cold didn’t seem to deter newcomers to the State although it could send a few experiencing their first Montana winter opting to head to places with more temperate climates. Migration to and from Montana as a whole included 73% inbound and 27% outbound increasing the overall population by 38,670 people since the last census in 2020. This week’s Independent Record article by Tom Kuglin put the numbers at 17,000 between July 2021 and July 2022. According to the article, housing prices appeared to peak in the second quarter of 2022, but demand remains high despite increasing interest rates. Interest rates on a 30-year mortgage rose from a historically low, pandemic-induced 3.22% in January to 6.51% this week. In the meantime, lumber prices went down but that savings may be offset by higher cost of skilled labor and continued supply shortages. The good news: Based on MLS numbers, there are more homes on the market in Montana at the end of 2022 than there were at the beginning. Buyers are in a better position to find a home with those record bidding wars falling to the wayside. And for those who remember 1981 when mortgage interest rates hit a high of 18.45%, 6.51% doesn’t feel all that bad. A little like bright sunshine and calm winds on a cold Montana winter day. It’s way better.


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