Mountain View Meadows


It takes time to build a better community but it begins with believing in better. We believe you want more than just a house. You want a sense of place. You want to sit on your front porch and enjoy the flowers in your yard, the landscaped boulevards and the amazing mountain views. You want to live in a neighborhood where kids can safely walk down sidewalks to visit friends and family and play in neighborhood parks.

You enjoy an active lifestyle and want to walk your dog and run, hike or bike on paved trails that connect to business, shopping, schools and entertainment. You are community-minded and appreciate energy conservation and protecting land, wildlife and water resources.

And most of all, you value time to enjoy your home, your family and all that Montana offers.
That’s why we believe in building a better community – because you believe in better!

– Mark Runkle & Rebecca Ryland

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Believe in Better: Beauty and Purpose

A drive around Helena provides an opportunity to see the benefits of functional landscaping that provides a better look and feel for the community. Improvements in landscaping requirements within the city and the commitment of businesses that create an environmentally friendly approach to building and development are beginning to pay off. Seas of asphalt that were prevalent in shopping center parking lots built in decades past have given way to groups of parking spaces divided by islands of landscaping with trees, that over time, help build the urban forest. Parking in front of buildings and businesses are now shielded from the street by green beltways, trees and flowering plants that provide a sense of fresh air and breathability amidst concrete and brick. Opportunity Bank on Prospect with its big trees on all sides and banks of grass, Valley Bank with its lush landscaping along Montana Ave., and Stockman Bank with its welcoming green space, patio and bench in front of their home on Custer set the bar for what can be done to integrate function and beauty within the city sphere. Landscaping on private property serves the same purpose. Discovering creative ways to keep spaces open while masking exterior appurtenances contribute to attractive streetscapes in residential areas as well as business districts. Well-placed bushes, rocks and trees can hide spas, barbecues and garden sheds from street view and create living fences that provide privacy between homes. "We encourage residents to use landscaping for function as well as aesthetics," explained Rebecca Ryland, Director of Design at Mountain View Meadows. Ryland has seen an increasing number of homeowners, when installing their landscaping, taking function into consideration. She sees residents using flowers and ornamental grasses to mask utility boxes in boulevards; trees, evergreens and upright junipers to provide backyard privacy without fencing; and using boulders and bushes to hide hot tubs. "We believe, whether it's a business or a private home, that finding ways to integrate nature with urban development creates a better environment for the people who live and work in the community," said Ryland, "and we hope others see the benefit as well."

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