Mountain View Meadows

Providing Helena with a mixed-use Urban-Lite community that values architecture, aesthetics, land, energy and natural resource conservation and respect for the environment: a thoughtfully and responsibly master-planned community that fosters a sense of place and provides residents with a healthy, safe and comfortable lifestyle while providing diversity and choice: a thriving, sustainable community that compliments Montana’s amazing beauty with parks, green and open spaces —the kind of place where people truly want to live, work and visit now and for generations to come.

At Mountain View Meadows, we are committed to creating an urban-lite community built on the comfort and security of city infrastructure that meets the growing needs of a diverse and thriving northwestern culture.   Mountain View Meadows incorporates energy, water, and land conservation as a fundamental principle recognizing that our City and our Grandchildren’s future depends on responsible growth implemented today.  Developed over 1000 acres of rolling uplands with outstanding mountain views, Mountain View Meadows offers the best of all worlds; the safety and security of city infrastructure, water, and sewer master planned to optimize parks, open spaces and recreational opportunities. Ultimately, our vision is to create an aesthetically appealing mixed-use community that provides the best housing and lifestyle choices in Helena with access to shopping, retail, business and recreation within walking or biking distance from residential neighborhoods.

The value of parks, green and open spaces is highly stressed and plays a principle role in the vision of Mountain View Meadows.  Shared open spaces provide opportunities for residents to maximize the enjoyment and appreciation of Montana’s great outdoors while minimizing the impact of individual footprints on the environment by constructing homes on city lots that require less maintenance.  Parks and trail systems encourage an active and healthy lifestyle while protecting individual access within the community to Montana’s natural beauty and resources.  This emphasis on parks, green and open spaces adds a quality to the community that benefits all residents through improved lifestyle choices, better home values, and overall aesthetic appeal.

Architecture plays an important role in our vision of creating an aesthetically appealing community where each home and business distinguishes itself with features that enhance the appearance of its exterior.  This challenges builders to incorporate architectural qualities in house and building plans that add minimal cost to the construction but provide substantial long term value while positively affecting the look and feel of the community.  Architectural standards are set for each neighborhood within Mountain View Meadows to easily guide builders and homebuyers through the process to build a new home or business in the community.

Dividing Mountain View Meadows into neighborhoods in which homes share unique architectural features helps promote a sense of place on a human scale within the greater community.  Sidewalks provide safe connectivity within and between neighborhoods both in the residential and business neighborhoods. Tree-lined and landscaped boulevards foster an aesthetic quality that enhances the beauty of each neighborhood while contributing significantly to the value of each home and business.  Neighborhoods naturally encourage people to look out for one another and encourage participation in activities that lead to a renewed sense of belonging.  It is our vision that people who live and work in Mountain View Meadows feel they are coming home to or working in a better place: a place that they can feel proud in which to live, work, shop, and visit.

The Economics of a community are as equally important as the aesthetics.  All people deserve access to quality-built, energy efficient homes at a price point that meets the needs of the individual home-buyer.  Therefore it is our vision that each residential neighborhood in Mountain View Meadows offers homebuyers an opportunity to combine lifestyle choices with individual budgets without sacrificing quality. By building within the City of Helena, all homes at Mountain View Meadows are subjected to numerous and rigorous city building inspections and must meet or exceed the most current energy codes. Covenants further protect home values by setting standards for maintenance of properties. Our vision is for every person in every neighborhood to enjoy the safety and security of living in homes that will increase in value over time while saving money and precious natural resources now and in the future.

It takes time to build a better community but at Mountain View Meadows, we believe in better.  Each day that we see people planting flowers in their yards, strolling down the sidewalks, playing in the park and biking or hiking down the paved Fun and Fitness trail we know we are one step closer to realizing our vision. Our vision is your vision; a community where people experience a true sense of place with neighbors who share a respect for their homes, a respect for their neighbors and a respect for their community.

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