Mountain View Meadows

To ensure the integrity of the look and feel of the community, Mountain View Meadows sets standards for both the overall architectural designs of individual neighborhoods as well as utilizing covenants as a means to protect the value of your home and the value of your neighbor’s property and the overall value of the community.  Covenants help ensure all homes maintain a beautiful consistent image associated with the community that generally protect property values as they promote more tasteful construction and orderly land use.  Establishing unique neighborhoods that share architectural elements among houses provides an opportunity for you to select a home that best reflects your style and tastes with the peace of mind that future home construction will remain consistent with these standards.  Houses in neighborhoods that are well maintained tend to have higher home values than those of houses in poorer kept neighborhoods. Covenants and Design guidelines clearly communicate standards to both residents and builders. These guidelines are set in place to maintain the dignity of not only individual homes, but the dignity of the community as a whole, thus maintaining or increasing property values.  Mountain View Meadows reserves the right to periodically revise Covenants and Design Standards in keeping with this intent and in the best interest of homeowners.